Courtney Moser
Marketing Manager
Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation/WIN for KC

Battle of the Brains – A lesson in Trivia… and Teamwork

If you poll the audience and ask, “what is the secret to winning trivia night?”, you will probably receive many answers. Some believe that you need a well rounded team with different categories of expertise while others believe that you can just ‘wing it’ and come home a champion!
When it came time to get our team ready for genKC’s Battle of the Brains Trivia Night at Boulevard Brewery, our goal was to have the most well rounded team participating which was not the case. We quickly pulled an audible and decided to ‘wing it’ to hopefully come out on top. Despite changing strategy last minute, our team was feeling confident. It could have had something to do with the craft beer or the networking that started the night, but either way, we were ready.
The night started off with a variety of questions and much to our surprise, we knew the answers. It wasn’t that the questions were easy, it was more of the fact that we decided that we needed to trust our teammates in what they believed the answers were, even when majority believed they were wrong. Stephanie Lankford from the Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation said, “We work in sports. Our minds were focused and we relaxed in the competitive atmosphere like we were the home team and this was game day.”
If you think hard, you can almost picture yourself at our team’s round table off to the side with snacks and drinks around. You could hear teams cheer when the answer they wrote down was said by the host and the sigh from teams when they got the answer wrong. You could see the concentration on young professionals faces as they were trying to remember something they had learned so long ago in elementary school.
It was a tight race for the majority of the night but what stands out as the most memorable moment for my team, the Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation, was in the last round when two teams were tied for first. We were one of those two teams. Now, take yourself back to that table off to the side. In a room full of teams who were battling it out all night now stood two women in the front of the room ready to take on the tie breaker challenge; a best-of-3 game of rock, paper, scissors.
It would take all 3 rounds of rock, paper, scissors with the whole room counting down to declare the winners. Mallory Cage from the Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation threw scissors and then victoriously threw her arms up in the air as if she just broke a new world record at the Olympics! The Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation, the team who had no strategy, managed to come out on top and win the Battle of the Brains to claim the title of “Trivia Extraordinaires!”
Events like Battle of the Brains are filled with young professionals networking, sometimes drinks but always a great time!

Posted: 9/19/2017 4:38:55 PM