Kathleen Snipes
Faxon Elementary School

Principal of Faxon Elementary Shares the Impact of genKC's Community

It started with a few boxes of books that were collected and waiting to be donated. Next, was the phone call to Faxon asking me if I would like those books. Of course I said yes, but it couldn't be just any ordinary donation of books, I wanted more. Bring the boxes of books and readers to go along with them, I said! This was the start of Books, Breakfast and Buddies, a wonderful partnership with genKC and our awesome students of Faxon Elementary.

Twice a month, our students and their Buddies share a story or two, ending their time together with a fun breakfast treat. The partnership continued to grow as our genKC Buddies wanted to get more involved in supporting the students at Faxon. The relationships with our students was not enough. genKC financially supported our efforts in becoming a Trauma Sensitive School. We now have 5 staff members trained in trauma and are in the beginnings of transforming the whole school, one classroom at a time. Thank you genKC for supporting our students and staff at Faxon. Like our motto states:  Faxon Elementary, Achieving Success Together!

Posted: 9/19/2017 2:46:53 PM